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Kerala Houseboats

Houseboat is universally used in the Indian state of Kerala and it is also called ‘Kettuvallam’ in Malayalam language. These have hatched dome covers over wooden husk. The traditional boat house (kettuvallam) is mostly using for promoting Kerala tourism.
All cruise houseboats are made up of ancient principles of traditional carpenters using anjili wood and natural coir for tightening all roofs and it’s become looks like beautiful traditional houses in the backwaters. There are houseboats with fully furnished single room, double room, Triple room, four rooms and five rooms.

Boathouse in a different of models and shapes have traditionally been the main means of movement of men and corporials in the Kerala backwaters since past days. In appropriate, the houseboats were used to transport rice and spices and other goods between alleppey (Kuttanad) and the Kochi (cochin) port. It was a three-day affair in those days. A normal house boat, which could be about 100 feet long, can hold up to 35 tons, about as much as three big truck can carry. For the VIP these boats even became comfortable living quarters. It was the important mode of transportation in marshy Kerala just because of its openness to the most areas. However, the scenario changed. Motorized road, rail and air transportation scored over the slow and staid country boat, with people opting for speed.

Current day houseboats are enormous, leisurely stunning alienscows worn for relaxation trips, and are in actual adapted vermin of kettuvallams of decayed times. The authentic kettuvallams were worn to carry spices and tons of rice. A general kettuvallam can hold up to 35 tons from Kuttanad to the Kochi port.

The kettuvallam is held well-balanced with coir knots. Not even a single nail is used all along the manufacture of the boat. The boat is made of lumber of jack-wood joined stable with coir. This is then glazed with astringent black resin made from boiled cashew keens. With careful maintenance, a kettuvallam can lasts for generations.

A part of the kettuvallam was most covered with bamboo and coir to serve as a restroom and kitchen for the corps. Meals would be cooked on-board and augmented with freshly prepared fish from the backwaters.

When the latest trucks replaced this scheme of transport, someone found a new way that would keep these boats, almost all of which were more than 100 years age, in the market. By constructing special rooms to accommodate travelers as the part of tourism, these boats cruised forward from near-extinction to enjoy their present great popularity.

Now these are a familiar sight on the backwaters in Alappuzha, Kumarakom and kollam, there are as many as 1500 houseboats.

While changing kettuvallams into kerala houseboats, care is taken to use only natural products like Bamboo mats, sticks and wood of the areca nut tree are used for roofing, coir mats and wooden planks for the flooring and wood of coconut trees and coir for beds. For lighting though, generators and solar panels are used.

Today, the kerala houseboat stay have all the critter comforts of a good hotel including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, snug living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. Parts of the curved roof of wood or plaited palm open out to provide shade and allow great views. While most boats are poled by local oarsmen, some are powered by a 40 HP engine. Boat-trains - formed by joining two or more houseboats together are also used by large groups of sightseers.

Kerala Backwater Tourism

The allure of kerala recline in its back waters that are idiosyncratic in the total globe. To be packed with green beauty and financially fruitful, this uniqueness of kerala, makes it a cherubic delight for travellers. Kerala trait with 42 west side flowing rivers that are the bold mark of the prodigious prize of nature.
In old days, this water transport paths covered the entire sweep from the south Kerala to the northern part of the state but many of these water paths have been shut now. According to a folk tale, it was the combatant sage "Parashu Raman" the man catapult his skirmish "axe" and 'regained' the land from the ocean created Kerala.
Now, Kerala stay as land of creeks, island, river and lake, which gathered under one umbrella ; so famed backwaters of Kerala, which have influenced an keen part in the life style of the humans living at shores.
For the interest of the backpackers, the ancient water paths are being unlocked.Backwaters of kerala offer a welcome to the tourist to enjoy the real traditional life of the state.
The real lifestyle of Kerala's villages is hard, slow and highly labor intensive and the main professions of the men's are boat edifice, prawn farming, sand excavation, coir pinning, limestone digging by the specialist swoop , rice growing and duck breeding, which is in edge contrast to that of the teeming stream of travelers who come to Gods own country.

Homestay Kumarakom

Coconut Creek Farm and Homestay & Houseboats is one and only Diamond Category Homestay in Kumarakom. It is the National Tourism Award winner for best bed and breakfast in India for two times and  three times Kerala state tourism award winner for best homestay in Kerala. 

Located in near kumarakom alke Nazareth church, Konchumada route, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kerala, India. We also arrange Cab, Houseboat and all Boating from Kumarakom and providing Kerala service apartment for long stay in Kottayam.

Coconut Creek Situated in front of 4 acres of our traditional farm. In 2006, 60 years old house Renovated and built 3 Extra Creek View Deluxe A/C double bedrooms with attached bathrooms on the right side of the host house and then home is divided into two for hosts & guests and start our Homestay in 2006.

About Kumarakom Tourism

Kumarakom is a panicle of small isle on the Kumarakom Lake and this paltry water map is a part of India's lowest altitude. The 24/7 green Kumarakom birds reserve park out spread to 5 acres is a jewel haunt of Diaspora birds and a zoologist promised land. The ideal way to capture the birds life of the Kerala Kumarakom bird nature park is a boat trip around the isle at 6.00 am to 8.30 am any days.

Nourishing a countryside entity is an unexplored chimera of plenty. Journey to the most ideal place for your aspire holiday. Kumarakom is a virgin home for water activities available round the year. Get packed for a trip far away from the tiring of life schedules.

The kumarakom is a beautiful melt of modern facilities with simple life of the village. Day to day routines like walking along the village roads, catching fish, bird monitoring or simply torpid around grateful the soul to the lip and lead it to attain.

An exciting emotion of romance is the constant down drops and the cool wind. The purple hue of the lake jacinth against the emerald mass of buoyant foliage is a treat to the narrator's heart and a feast to the body.

What else more, being near to the birds sanctuary Kumarakom Lake, a lakeside woodland walk presents with joy of heart sightings of a variety of flies, insects, reptiles, Indian cormorants, kingfisher, woodland frogs, green frogs, butterflies, damselflies, woodland lizard, fish and more.