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The Third Edition Of Vasantholsavam

The third edition of Vasantholsavam, the annual flower show, are going to be control at Kanakankunnu Palace premises in Thiruvananthapuram from 21 Dec 2019 to 3 Jan 2020.
Besides that includes novel items this year, the show will host a food fest, and accommodate stalls discovered by departments like Forest and Agriculture, also as stands by personal institutions.

A children’s park will also be place up there. varied cultural programmes are scheduled for the last day.

Since its terribly origin, Vasantholsavam has won over the residents of the capital town and attracted individuals from different districts also. Around 1.5 large integer guests turned up to examine Vasantholsavam within the inaugural year, whereas over 2 large integer individuals came to check the flower show during the second.

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