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Sasthampara – A Dreamy Getaway 

Sasthampara, a laidback region in Thiruvananthapuram options, a romantic hammock, excellent for a weekend outing. This secluded and fewer explored, far-out destination within the capital town can bestow you the most effective expertise if you wish to remain far from the push and tumble of urban life.

Situated close to Vilappil village in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India, Sasthampara offers you a bird's eye view of the town of Thiruvananthapuram, the temperament of Shankumukham and Kovalam beaches and therefore the swaying coconut groves of Vizhinjam.

This tiny upland conjointly unveils a bird’s eye read of {the town|the town|town}scape that may definitely be a brand new expertise for the city folks! To catch a glimpse of those breathless places you ought to take a 400m uphill trek. Atop the hammock, there's a children’s park and a Kalmandapam (an fogbound stone structure) wherever you'll be able to settle and let the time retire.

Evenings area unit the most effective time to go to this place. you'll be able to see downlike clouds floating within the sky with the {colourful} colour palettes of beautiful sunsets within the background. A Lord Sastha temple and a pool are placed here. The temple adds a non secular charm to the surround.

Sasthampara is found at a distance of fourteen kms from Thiruvananthapuram town. From the town, you'll be able to reach Sasthampara through the Peyad-Thechakkottu-Moongode road. The place is placed a pair of kms from Vilappilshala. Parking facilities are out there here.