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Ethereal Meadows Of Uluppunni

The Ethereal Meadows of Uluppuni
Uluppuni, a breezy tip in Idukki district, Kerala, India, is that the ideal spot for your next one-day escape into nature. This secluded place, maybe the most effective meadowlands of Kerala, offers a refuge, to wind down and catch a deep breath within the chilly valley-winds.

Uluppuni, settled close to Vagamon, is one among the foremost celebrated destinations in Idukki–Kottayam border, stretching during a unending ocean of fascinating meadows and tranquil viewpoints. The Kulamavu Dam, located seven kms away in Periyar stream, is another attraction.

One of the most effective cross-country trails in Kerala, Uluppuni offers additional participating experiences as you trek uphill. It guarantees AN exhilarating expertise with its breathless read of inexperienced hills and blue reservoirs.

Early mornings area unit the best time to climb the hills. it's a mystical expertise to look at the sunrise higher than the hills, amidst the rolling clouds, as you're caressed by the fog carried by the breeze within the vale.

Uluppuni is found ten kms from Vagamon. From Vagamon, you'll reach Uluppuni by taking Pullikkanam-Elappara Road. the opposite route is from Moolamattam that could be a fully cross-country route. Most four-wheelers wouldn't reach the destination purpose, however a touch trekking is often fun, isn’t it?