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Kerala Has Seen A Steady Increase In The Flow Of Visitors Over The Past Few Years

Kerala has seen a gradual increase within the flow of tourists over the past few years. although the touristry sector of the state was stricken by devastating floods in 2018, it recovered absolutely by Jan 2019. In fact, with 41, 90,468 visitors inward within the first quarter of this year, as compared to 38,77,712 throughout identical amount last year, touristry has recorded 8.07 per cent increase.

In 2018 itself, 16.7 million tourists arrived within the state – a vi per cent increase compared to 2017 – generating revenue of over Rs 3652200 million, a substantial hike from Rs 287400 million of the previous year. In 2017, the entire step was 15.67 million, that itself was a rise of 5.93 per cent from the previous year. Out of this, 1.09 million were foreign tourists, whose contribution to the state treasury touched Rs 87644.6 million.

Today, Kerala touristry Department is targeting a 10 to 12 per cent increase in step and a corresponding growth in revenue by March 2020. It hopes to realize this by conducting many promotion campaigns through partnership meets across 10 cities. Besides this, holding events just like the Champions Boat League, and gap up new destinations and contemporary experiences distinctive to the state square measure initiatives which will create Kerala a round-the-year destination for leisure travel, and attract additional travellers to God’s Own Country.