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Kerala Health Tourism 2019


As we moving  forward in years , we could see how india is becoming the most preferred healthcare destination among the foreigners . A growing number of tourist are flocking to india for the superlative medical treatment that is being provided by the skilled doctors . The NITI Aayog identified the medical value travel as a major source of foreign exchange earning .


Although Kerala is the leading state in india for tourism , but on medical travel it has only 5 – 10 % of the indian market . A rare combination of advanced facilities, skilled doctors, and low cost of treatment are the advantages of kerala posses but unfortunately state is not able to attract the medical tourist to the fullest of its potential .


The kerala  health tourism in the past had been instrumental in creating awareness among hospital  administrators on the need of NABH  accreditation and also creation of kerala medical value travel society  the CLL kerala health tourism conference has been the first event in kerala promoting medical tourism .