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Monsoon Life

Raining Life
Life could be a long journey and our roles as fathers, mothers, grandparents, students, friends, teachers, mentors, siblings, professionals etc. drain from inside USA our energy and quite often, our health.

What will we have a tendency to do to nurture our God given gift of fine health?

In Kerala, the tough heat of the summer is followed by a season of rejuvenation. A season whereby the dry, dead, tired vegetation of the land is imbued with a replacement lease of life and therefore the parched earth quenches its thirst.

Monsoons, a season for rejuvenation not only for Nature except for the folks of God’s Own Country as well…

The only land that has associate unbroken tradition of the 5000 year previous system of Ayurveda, Kerala has nurtured its traditional ways of healing for hundreds of years. associate old system of medication, Ayurveda may be a science of holistic living and longevity. it is the foremost asked for methodology of health look after completely different ailments round the year. and therefore the Monsoons area unit the best time for the various rejuvenation therapies.

The rains keep the atmosphere dust- free and funky serving to Nature recoup. With the calmness of the surroundings, the soothing climate and clean air, the pores of the flesh open up creating it receptive to completely different flavourer oils and therapies. These then work to renew associated retain the fine balance of the body by eliminating the toxins that area unit byproducts of an unhealthy and incorrect style.

Take a clear stage from mundane lifestyle. cut loose from bonds, duties and responsibilities. visit at God’s Own Country and verify what it looks like to discover your body, mind and heart.

Ayurvedic spas and attention centres area unit torrential across the state in varied resorts and otherwise. every of them offers a good spectrum of stress relieving and rejuvenating packages that may be custom to suit the individual desires of every visitant to the shores of Kerala.

This monsoon, come into being on a journey of self exploration and discovery.