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Plants in richness 

Picture this: You enter a quiet secluded place and suddenly get engulfed by inexperienced!!! wherever every step takes you closer to Nature… closer to the verdant vegetation! this can be Palode Tropical arboretum – a flourishing green hideout! 

Situated within the campus of national leader Tropical botanical Garden and research Institute (JNTBGRI), the place could be a good escape for the city-weary travellers from the mud and heat!

Enrich your botanical information as you observe variant plant varieties from healthful herbs to some of the rarest species of flowering shrubs all protected and conserved in the absolute best approach. The care lavished on them may be a fantastic factor to observe

Sprawling across three hundred acres, this garden system is reckoned because the biggest conservatory garden in Asia with over 50,000 plants belonging to concerning 5,000 species. The attractive Chittar flows sinuously through this inexperienced landscape adding to its natural beauty. 

The campus houses a 20-hectare installation that options over 35,000 trees and woody plants, a Ginger Germplasm that has 74 species of ginger, an enormous collection of rare healthful plants, over 150 palm species, around 73 Bamboo varieties from varied elements of the globe, a conservatory of Andaman species then forth. 
Besides this, the campus is wealthy in autochthonic and exotic types of decorative plants, orchids, carnivorous plants like pitcher- plant, pretty very little bonsais, bromeliads, gymnosperms, ferns, cacti and succulents etc. 

Conservation similarly as collection of and research on the tropical plants are the main focus of the institute. The institute fosters both ex-situ and in place conservation. As a part of unaltered conservation seedlings of endangered species like Mara Manjal (Berberis aristata) are developed and planted in suitable forest areas. 

The campus conjointly includes a flavourer Garden dedicated to the memory of Itty Achuthan Vaidyan, a traditional doctor of Kerala. 

Nearby attractions: Thenmala, Ponmudi