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Spanish Tourist Embrace The Great Back Waters

The beauty of the backwaters of Kerala became a major attraction at FITUR 2015, one of the leading tourism trade fairs in Europe.

The stall of Kerala Tourism at the travel industry fair in the Spanish capital of Madrid recreated the Great Backwaters of Kerala, only days after the U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned about it in one of his speeches during his recent visit to India.

“The huge response from the travel industry and the general public to our backwaters-themed pavilion at the international tourism trade fair in Madrid shows how popular and well known our backwaters is around the world,” said Mr. A. P. Anilkumar, Minister for Tourism, Kerala.

Mr. G. Kamala Vardhana Rao, Secretary, Kerala Tourism said, “The backwaters of Kerala offer a window to our State's cultural and social heritage.”

“We are honoured by the tremendous response to our pavilion in Madrid and are confident of attracting more and more travellers from Europe and rest of the world to our State in the year 2015. As part of the 'Visit Kerala' year, we have also held meetings with key airlines like the Emirates and Etihad–Jet Airways to increase connectivity and offer some promotional packages to tourists from Spain heading for Kerala,” said Mr. P. I. Sheik Pareeth, Director, Kerala Tourism, who led the State’s delegation to FITUR 2015.Spanish Travellers Embrace the Great Backwaters

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